HyperCard OS Template for Notion

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If you downloaded this before Jan 2, 2022, 9:30AM EST, there is now a new version of this template + video walkthrough. All of this is updated in the same link that is available to you.

Change log

  • Added TERMINAL hub (where all databases live)

  • New walkthrough video (below) and added to the Reference Manual

  • Updated the DASHBOARD THIS WEEK view to show the Gallery (instead of table)

  • Added a new SETUP view in the DAY database (with video walkthrough starting at min 20:00) on how to do this week-over-week.

For computing nerds and those nostalgic for HyperCard, this template marries the best of both worlds (Notion + HyperCard) into one. Icons and graphics are pulled from the HyperCard Graphics Pack and customized for this template. Hidden within all the dashboard and databases are little easter eggs and recommendations for further reading, watching & exploring if you are interested in the history of computing and all that goes along with it.

A full walkthrough video here →

Why Notion & Why HyperCard?

Just like HyperCard, Notion is used to:

  • Gather information and organizing it in any way you like

  • Browse through information you’ve assembled yourself, or information gathered by someone else.

  • Create stacks databases that meet your own specific needs — for examples, stacks database to track your expenses, help you learn a new language, organize a collection of clip art or present information shared on a videodisc.

  • Customize your dashboard any way you’d like starting with the Dashboard page.

The more you learn about HyperCard Notion, the more uses you’ll see for it. HyperCard Notion provides you with a creative environment that’s limited only by your imagination.

—(p. 1-2 HyperCard Reference)

Home Stack aka Dashboard

The Dashboard serves as a home base whenever you use Notion, and it’s a great place to start exploring. It includes a directory of other database included in the template and provides easy access to them on top.

If used in the way that it was designed to, you can use this template (and Dashboard) to do the following:

  • Manage tasks across a span of different projects & work areas

  • Automatically be alerted if tasks are overdue

  • Daily journal / tracker of things that matter to you

This template assumes that you have a basic understanding of the following concepts:

  • Databases

  • Relational Databases

  • Roll-Ups

... but if you don't and want to dabble anyway, well, 2022 is meant for adventures, amirite?

Terminal where all your databases are stored and include:

  • Day Database (pre-loaded with Dec 27, 2021 - Jan 16, 2022)

  • Week (pre-loaded with all 52 weeks of 2022)

  • Month (pre-loaded with all 12 months of 2022)

  • Quarter (pre-loaded with all 4 quarters of 2022)

  • Year (the 2022 Year includes the 2021 Annual Review + 2022 Planner)

  • Actions (aka to do list). Comes with basic functions that will alert you if things are overdue or due soon.

  • Projects

  • Contact Book

  • Library

  • References

  • Subscription Manager

  • Tags

This template and reference manual was created by Nikki Chan and released on Dec 30, 2021. You can find here at @nikkiccccc or at nchan01@gmail.com. If you are interested in more musings on tools, creativity and tools for creativity, subscribe at https://toolsforcreativity.substack.com/

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The full HyperCard OS Template for Notion, a reference manual + video walkthrough + all future versions and source files for all the icons, cover art & fonts used.


HyperCard OS Template for Notion

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I want this!